Features of LED lights

Implement different color gamut values

A. NTSC=65~70%

Use Yellow Silicate Phosphor + Blue Chip = White Light

B. NTSC=68~72%

Use yellow YAG phosphor + Blue chip = white light

C. NTSC=72~80%

Use Nitride (nitride) red powder + green powder + Blue chip = white light

D. NTSC=80~95%

Use KSF (fluoride) red powder + beta sialon green powder + Blue chip = white light

E. OLED color gamut value is 100%, such as well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, BOE have mass-produced promotion, Tianma, Huaxing, etc. have also deployed

F. The fluorescent pink threshold of quantum dots is about 108%, but because quantum dot phosphors contain cadmium, which is a harmful substance, commercial mass production is currently impossible.




Performance comparison:




Product core competitiveness:

1. The life of Silicate/YAG/Nitride white light products (L50) is about 4W (H), and the life of RG products (L50) is about 2W (H).

2. The product can meet the low current drive (0.2mA~2mA).

3. Product ESD capability ≥ 2KV, special product requirements can meet ≥ 3KV (HBM mode)

4. The product NTSC capability value can achieve 65~95%, which can meet the requirements of end customers.


5.Silicate/YAG, Nitride/RG products can be mixed with BIN for delivery to ensure product color consistency.

6. The product has Silicate, YAG, MCC, global patent authorization.